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Morley Associates Recognized for Their Role in Peer Mentoring Program

Updated: May 8

November 6, 2023

We are exceptionally proud of our Morley associates who go above and beyond and continue to be recognized for their commitment to exceptional customer service. 

A Customer Assistance Center (CAC) team leader received the Supreme Trainer Impact award from the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) during its 50th Annual Fall Symposium in September. A quality assessor was also recognized as Support Person of the Quarter earlier this year. Both associates were collaborators in developing an enhanced peer mentoring program, reinforcing Morley's commitment to professional development and delivering extraordinary service. Congratulations to these winners on their well-deserved recognition!  

Morley’s peer mentoring program pairs high-performing agents with a desired behavior with agents performing low in the same behavior. It offers a high level of support and collaboration, for both mentee and mentor. We’ve found that peer mentoring has a direct and indirect positive effect on the experience of our clients’ customers.

Learn more about how Morley uses peer mentoring to improve the customer experience.   

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